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Catherine Zeta-Jones Fakes

Zeta Jones Yovo Pussy Fake
2012-Nov-7 01:50
By the way, Catherine Zeta-Jones used to be one of the most popular Yovo Fakes models, and they really went wild playing with her pussy!

catherine zeta-jones shows off her pussy with the help of yovo fakers


Catherine Goes Lesbian
2012-Aug-31 00:33
We can hardly imagine what being lesbian feels to a girl, but we can clearly feel utter excitement when watching beautiful girls going lesbian together. Oh, we'd better put it 'going bisexual' because we keep on thinking about sharing their company all the time. This fake lesbian with the face of Catherine Zeta-Jones looks so provocative...

a girl friend licks on catherine zeta-jones's pussy


Catherine Pumps Her Pussy with a Black Monster Dildo
2012-May-20 22:56
A stunning masturbation fake starring Catherine Zeta-Jones. What a plug for that hole! The toy is so large and heavy that poor girl is almost unable to manage it with one hand, she has to use both. But should we call her 'poor'? Catherine looks quite happy, diligent and persistent, doing her best to push that monster dildo inside.

catherine zeta-jones fucks herself with an enormous toy


Catherine Zeta-Jones Interracial Sex
2012-Jan-13 01:43

Hot milk and dark chocolate, just fancy a fat black dick penetrating Catherine Zeta-Jones's wet white pussy.


catherine zeta-jones mounts a black stud


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Hot Catherine Zeta-Jones Fake
2011-Dec-1 02:09

Wet and slippery, covered in soapsuds, Catherine Zeta-Jones arranges a hot photo session for her fans, posing pantiless to show off her naked pussy.


catherine zeta jones hot fake


By the way, Angelina Jolie does not look less pretty when she gets out of the bath, all covered in soapsuds too, to expose her hot and wet pussy.



Catherine Zeta-Jones Exotic Sex
2011-Oct-21 00:40

They sometimes find very unusual positions for sex. In this fake, Catherine Zeta-Jones gets fucked really doggystyle, with her man almost riding her as he sticks his cock into her pussy from behind and upwards down.


catherine zeta-jones exotic fucking


Winona Ryder Doggystyle Sex



Catherine Zeta-Jones Sexy
2011-Sep-27 03:31

An explicit sexy fake of Catherine Zeta-Jones posing in silvery-colored high boots, otherwise perfectly naked. Although Catherine does not try to show too much of herself, demonstrating her private holes, she only twists her butt a little, she looks extremely seductive, and the boots add a special sexy touch to the whole image.

catherine zeta-jones sexy


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Fake Catherine Zeta-Jones Naked
2011-Aug-24 00:56

Adorable Hollywood celebrity Catherine Zeta-Jones faked to pose stark naked. Although Catherine is posing in a most innocent manner, we can a lot of her in the nude, including a very nice shaved crotch showing through between her legs. And still, she remains a shy girl, too modest to play any dirty games there...

naked catherine zeta-jones fake pic

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Caterine Zeta-Jones Porn
2011-Jul-15 03:57

Catherine Zeta-Jones Porn

One more porn fake of Catherine Zeta-Jones getting fucked in a very similar position. This one looks a bit more natural, as Catherine's head and face fit the nude body of an unknown porn actress perfectly, making us almost believe that this X-rated shooting took place in reality.

Evangeline Lilly Porn


Catherine Zeta-Jones Ass
2011-Jun-2 02:29

Catherine Zeta-Jones showing off her ass. Beautiful, seducing, pantiless. In addition to the finely-shaped buttocks, the incredible sight includes an asshole and a crotch.

Britney Spears Ass

catherine zeta-jones ass


Catherine Zeta-Jones Fucking
2011-May-8 04:19

Catherine Zeta-Jones Fucking Image. Hot fake Catherine Zeta-Jones anal fucking. See Catherine Zeta-Jones represented almost nude, only wearing a pair of black stockings as she is fucked in the ass with a huge cock while sitting in the man's lap.

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catherine zeta-jones fucking


Catherine Zeta-Jones XXX
2011-Apr-12 00:55

catherine zeta-jones xxx


Catherine Zeta-Jones XXX pic. Hardcore porn featuring Catherine Zeta-Jones fucking a guy. An x-rated scene showing Catherine Zeta-Jones having sex. An explicit fake of Catherine Zeta-Jones seen as an XXX-movie star by Kosh.

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and Megan Fox XXX fakes.


Catherine Zeta-Jones Getting Fucked
2011-Mar-28 02:56

catherine zeta-jones getting fuckedJust fancy Catherine Zeta-Jones Getting Fucked! Nude and beautiful, fucking with a guy before a camera like a real porn star! This fake pic, one of the YOVO fakes collection, enables you to become a witness of a hot fucking episode featuring sexy Catherine Zeta-Jones getting fucked by a sturdy cock. Enjoy some real hardcore!


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Catherine Zeta Jones Nude
2011-Mar-16 01:56

catherine zeta-jones nudeThey say Catherine Zeta-Jones have no problems with getting nude in front of the camera. Why not? Why should she feel shy when it comes to showing off her nude body if this body is nothing else but pure beauty? If so, one may ask, why are we looking for more nude images of Catherine Zet-Jones? Why fakes? Aren't her natural pics enough? The answer is very simple. Natural pics of nude Catherine Zeta-Jones are just beautiful, and that's all. They are adorable, but they usually lack some spice. Fakes help to fill in the gaps.

More Catherine Zeta-Jones Nude fakes!


Catherine Zeta Jones Pussy Show
2011-Feb-8 23:16
What a pity, good fakes of Catherine Zeta Jones are rare :( Most of those available on the Web are either low resolution, or tacky and dowdy, easily recognizable as fakes. Some of them claiming that they are Catherine's do not resemble her at all! Even this one, which is not bad all in all, featuring Zeta Jones Pussy Show, is not perfect. Look at the girl's neck and chin. Rather heavy, aren't they? They lack just a little bit to turn into a really ugly double chin. Poor thin! She deserves a better treatment...


catherine zeta-jones pussy show


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Catherine Zeta Jones Nude Pictures
2011-Feb-7 03:25

catherine zeta jones nude pictures

That is what we are and what you have come here for. Nude pics of famous movie star Catherine Zeta Jones. To tell the truth, only little bits of them belong to C.Z.J., to be exact, only the faces are hers, while the bodies belong to numerous girls and women who are not so shy as Catherine is to let you look at them more privately. Yes, all the images here are fakes, but we may assert that all of the fakes collected here are most realistic and naturally looking. Sometimes, so naturally that you may think that they are real Catherine Zeta Jones nude pictures, which is impossible, of course.



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